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  4. redligh asked: hi Andrew my name is Duran and I'm a fan of your work, there's so much uniqueness in your photos. I wanted to know from your growth and experience grained can you tell me areas I can improve on in my photos. Also what advice would your give someone who is still trying to discover their own photo style. thank 4 following


    Thanks for reaching out! I appreciate the support. That’s funny you say I have my own “unique” style - I feel like I am struggling to find my own voice.  You certainly have your own style! Very wide, and includes the entire scene.

    As for advice, just do what feels natural. Following your own passion will help you tell the best story. I take pictures of people/events/things I find personally interesting and I think that helps add to the dynamic of my work. If you have your heart in it you are bound to win it. I hope this helps in some way! Good luck!


  5. Hollywood. Go Ravens.

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